I long to live as a sovereign man
Embark on a journey
Sail along with hammerheads to uncharted territories
Fly away to no destination with blue jays

Travel for countless miles on foot
To see all there is to offer
Experience the world of wonders
On a mystical train ride headed toward Avalon

Spin a globe fantasizing
A world larger than the blemish
Of an island where I’m confined
Stifled in a biosphere of no hope

A cultural wasteland that chokes away
Any chance of ecstasy
Isolated from my tribe of hobos and gypsies
Yearn to blast off with the Sputnik

To another world where
I’m free to roam with nymphs
And other flower goddesses
In an endless magical forest

Long to feel the swift breeze of
A bicycle ride through ancient cities
Worries and woes wither away
Along with the cherry blossoms

Gallivant around inner cities
Mingle with hustler, harlots, hopeless romantics
Busk to tourists old fiddle tunes
For free meals and cab fares

Pick daisies in a field
Alongside runaway brides
Escaping arranged marriages
To search for true love

Go on a plane ride
To recreate Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic
Through turbulence and stormy skies
Crowds roaring and cheering from both sides
Race against Hermes
In a triathlon to
Evade a trip to the underworld
Tortured by Hades, burned to ash in his inferno

I desire to live life on the road
Away from the prison cell of a 9-5
Suffocated in a lonesome studio apartment
The great big world ahead will be my home