That’s what I am
Refuse to sit back slothfully
With the unkempt couch potatoes

Ramble on in a similar fashion
Along with the vagrants of past lives
Clad in classy, yet ragged garb
Worn out soles shows life on the run

Tattered knapsack containing weathered notebook
Along with an antiquated red violin
Is always on my back
Always prepared to create

Never take a day off
Life as a tramp
Constantly gets me on the go
Maintain a ghostly and enigmatic presence

As I move from place to place
In the blink of an eye
This life is not cut for the weak
Must remain strong to leave behind loved ones

Prized possessions are hocked
To purge memories of the strangulated
Days of the cubicle at work and home
Don’t need much for this journey

Just need to see the beauty of the world
Hear the melodic chirps of a mockingbird
Awaken me from a deep slumber
In the middle of a village
Straight from a Kinkade landscape

Drift away on a train ride
To see pastoral scenery
That I once thought
Only existed in fairytales

Bright sunflower fields
Mirror the sunlight
Green forests with tall redwoods
Reach the heavens

Meet with total strangers
As I hitchhike from county to county
State to state
Feel the cool breeze

In a topless sky blue convertible
On an endless ride
To deserted interstate highways
Miles away to the nearest rest stop

Meet with burly cross country truck drivers
And bikers to discuss the liberation of
Life on the road
And not turn back

Will continue this trek
As far as I can reach