Space jockey gently floats
In bare white space abandoned
By cowardly crewmates on a getaway
Spaceship headed back to Earth

The Earthling covered from
Head to toe in a heavy weight
Space suit is breathless while
Exploring newly discovered planet galaxies away

Barren land with sparse life forms
Captures the bouncy spirit of the
Lone jockey hovering gravity free
As carefree as a rogue planet

A diamond shaped skull of an
Extraterrestrial being glides past
The jockey as they delicately grab
Hold of a bouquet of golden flowers

The skull flows magnetically underneath
The slender palm to bring
Back home to study clear-sighted. A
Deserted space pod is found nearby tarnished and rusty

The door rusted shut from years of dormancy
Takes the strength of an ox to budge
Open. The jockey soaked in sweat from
Strenuous pulling of the door to finally opens

Space suit gets disrobed upon entering the
Pitch black ship, lights flicker once hitting a
Blinking red switch. Control panel dusted
Off with several blows to make a blast-off

Space pod takes off with course set
To make a overhasty return to Mother Earth.
Turbulence and bumps dizzies the
Space jockey nearly losing their head to
Scarred flashbacks of yielding crewmates
Who quailed off never turning back

The headstrong nature of the jockey
May never see any light, as the
Malfunctioning pod becomes lost in
Outer space, ground control loses all
Contact. Lion-hearted bravery goes into
Stasis, along with the jockey who may never return.