Christopher A. (C.A.) Nicola is a performance artist, actor, musician and composer from Long Island, NY. His training in clowning and improv has helped shape his unique style of performance art. Taking great influence from his idol Andy Kaufman, C.A. has amused audiences with his engaging and whimsical performances. Audiences are left in mystery not knowing what to expect from each performance as he portrays multiple different characters.

C.A. has created many original characters, along with existing fictional characters with his unique spin on them. Many of his characters are inspired by his love of professional wrestling, vaudeville, 1970’s-1980’s pop culture, commedia dell’arte, British humor, and his favorite sitcoms from childhood.

C.A. is continuing to grow as a performer by studying multiple disciplines of performing arts, and always thinking outside the box. Stay tuned!

Height: 5’ 11”  Weight: 175 lbs.  Eyes: Brown  Hair: Dark Brown




Beginners Acting Class I, The Basics (The Barrow Group)
Beginners Acting II, Getting Specific (The Barrow Group)
Beginners Acting III, Film/TV (The Barrow Group)
Physical Comedy Intensive Workshop I (Hilary Chaplain)
Physical Comedy Intensive Workshop II (Hilary Chaplain)
Physical Comedy (Mik Kuhlman)
Pantomime (Mik Kuhlman)

Physical Comedy Workshop (John Towsen)
Beginner Acting Level IV: Ongoing Film/TV
(The Barrow Group, taught by Mark Grenier)
 Fundamentals of Mime (James Donlon)


Introduction to Clown (Sarah Petersiel)
Social Clown (Olivier-Hugues Terrault)
Comic Gold Workshops Levels I-V (Carol Lee Sirugo)
Theatrical Clown Workshop (Jean Taylor)


Improv, Animated Body Workshop (Amy Larimer)
Improv 101 (Upright Citizens Brigade)
Improv 201(Upright Citizens Brigade)
Improv 301 (Upright Citizens Brigade)
Improv 401 (Upright Citizens Brigade)


Single Sword (Neutral Chaos)
Stage Combat Workshop (The Barrow Group)
Clown Combat for the Improviser (Judi Lewis Ockler)
Unarmed Stage Combat from Neutral Chaos


Physical Comedy, Clown, Improvisation, Guitar, Violin, British Accent, Brooklyn Accent, Southern Accent, Pass in Single Sword by the SAFD, 2019, Pass in Unarmed by the SAFD, 2020


“C.A. Nicola's performances foil your expectations, forging unique, immersive experiences for audiences that embrace humor and absurdity. Incorporating such unique techniques as clowning, physical comedy, performance art, costume, and poetry, Nicola’s performances stretch time and bend reality.”

Courtney Surmanek

“Truly original in his Kaufmanesque interpretations and unique and amazing Performance Art presentations...C.A. Nicola is truly a Long Island (and beyond!) sensation. Every nuance uniquely crafted and classically inspired. A Performer that comes along only once in a generation. It is an honor to know and support his timeless work.”

Kelly Powell

“A genuine disciple of the Andy Kaufman school of comedy and performance, Christopher Nicola is a unique and enthralling entertainer. He always gives the audience a show they can enjoy, relate to, and engage in. Every audience member learns how to laugh again through Nicola's interactive sketches.”

Danielle Davis, Artistic Director & Soprano, Opera Night Long Island

C.A.’s Mission
To bring levity to the local arts scene through modern vaudeville performances. Seeking performers of all kinds including jugglers, contortionists, magicians, acrobats, burlesque performers, clowns, etc. Looking to create variety shows of comedy skits, dance numbers, traditional vaudeville and burlesque acts in a fun and safe environment.